Lakeland Maze Farm Park

Maize Maze

Want a fun challenge? Think you can beat the maze puzzle? You’ve come to the right place!

Since we opened in 2004 we have welcomed thousands of visitors every year to Raines Hall Farm, the home of Lakeland Maze Farm Park. The first attraction we had was the Maize Maze and it is still the highlight for many of our customers during the months of July to October. As well as our maize mazes, we now also have 2 permanent all weather mazes – our wooden Panel Maze and the indoor Bunny Burrows tube maze! 

Every year we create a different design to the maize maze and it always provides a challenge. This year the Maize maze will be in the shape of a Steam Train!

Maze Maps are available to purchase for £1, if you manage not to open it from the envelope you get your £1 back! We would definitely recommend taking one with you if you are wanting to tackle the big maze, just in case.

We have 2 Maize Mazes, the mini maze (takes up to around 15 minutes to complete) and the main maze (can take up to 90 minutes to complete but there are exit points along the route if needed). Everyone does the mini maze first, and then you can decide if you want to continue!

The Mini Maze

The Mini Maize Maze is especially suited to our younger (and older) visitors. Despite being just as tall as the main maze, this one is much quicker to complete so requires less walking time, it’s also pushchair and wheelchair friendly although may get a little muddy after bad weather conditions. Children must of course be accompanied by an adult in the Mini Maze.

Comfort & Safety

Do wear shoes suitable for walking – in wet weather wear boots or wellies!

Please make sure your whole party listens to the safety briefing at the maze entrance, this is incredibly important as the field is a working maize field and the ground may be uneven in places, so please take care. We are not responsible for personal injury sustained on site or the loss of personal items.

Remember the crop is maize, not sweetcorn, DO NOT eat it – it will most likely make you unwell. We harvest the maize to feed our cattle over Winter so please don’t steal it.

In hot weather please make sure you wear sunscreen, have water and that you drink plenty, it does get hot in the maze when the sun shines as there is little to no breeze once you’re inside the maze.

Please remember to visit the toilets before you enter the maze – you could potentially be in there for up to hours and there are no loos inside!

If you get into difficulty, please follow instructions from your safety briefing or call the number on the back of your leaflet.

Whatever the weather, and no matter how well you do, we assure you it’s brilliant fun for all!

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