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14th April 2021

New Kids On The Block!

During these hard times when you are unable to get onto the farm to see our new born kids we thought it would be a […]

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8th April 2021

Guinea Pig Awareness Week (22nd to 28th March)

Guinea Pig Awareness Week is a week of activities dedicated to raising the profile of these popular pets. Sadly, our small furries are often ‘forgotten […]

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25th March 2021

Shetland Adventures!

Just like many of us this lockdown, our Shetlands have been getting there daily steps in by going on walks around the village! If your […]

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17th September 2020

Maize Maze Summer Fun!

We are so glad to have been able to reopen this summer and we hope you have all enjoyed visiting too! It’s definitely been a […]

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30th June 2020

Cutting out the maze!

On 23rd June we did the first cut out of the maize maze for 2020… it will get recut when it has grown again in […]

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15th March 2020

Hay Making

This week we are making hay to keep our animals happy over the winter.  The grass needs turning with this Tedder at least twice a […]

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