How long will it take to complete the maze?
We recommend about 90 to 120 minutes to complete the maze. Obviously it depends which way you decide to turn at each corner, and if you want to stay until you have found every quiz board, sometimes this can take longer.

Can I bring my dog?
Sorry, no dogs allowed on site, except guide dogs. 

Is the maze suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs?
People have used both around the maze without experiencing difficulties. However please bear in mind that it is a working maize field and may be more difficult with either of these if weather conditions have been poor. Staff can advise the best route to take, and there are short cuts around the bridges. Disabled parking is available outside the reception building.

Can we bring a picnic?
Yes, there is a picnic area outside the entrance to the maze, where there is also a children’s play area and other activities.

Can my children go round on their own?
All children 14 and under need to be accompanied by an adult.

Are coaches welcome?
Yes, no problems, however please ring us for the most suitable directions as access is limited through Sedgwick village.

Are you open when it’s raining?
During the open season, the Farm Park and animals open whatever the weather. In very wet weather however then the maize maze occasionally needs to be closed. To avoid disappointment in these circumstances it is best to ring in advance and check the maze itself is open. This is because paths get wet and slippery when the weather is very wet.

Are there toilets in the maze?
No. There are toilets on the site though, before and after you complete the maze.

Is the maze suitable for young children?
Yes, but we do have the mini maize maze which takes a lot less time to complete than the main maize maze, and is suitable for our younger and older visitors. Alternatively you can do the main maze and ask for assistance from staff located in the maze for directions out.