Name: Pippin

Species: Goat

Breed: Boer x British Alpine

Age: 1 ½

Favourite things: Climbing and eating things I’m not supposed to eat!

My name is Doris the sheep. I was born here on the farm in February 2019 but managed to injure my leg when I was a few weeks old. I moved to farm hand Izzy’s house with some of my lamb friends to be hand reared and get better. For a while I couldn’t walk very well and my nickname was Wobbly Doris! Izzy and I are best friends now and I follow her everywhere, we even starred in the Live Nativity which was held on the farm at Christmas!

Name: Doris

Species: Sheep

Breed: Mule x Texel

Age: 1 year

Favourite things: Grass pellets and cuddles!

I am one of the Raines Hall lambs! We were all born in February-March this year.

We are all Mule x Texel lambs and are currently living out in the fields and eating all the tasty grass!

Name: Star
Species: Pony
Breed: Appaloosa X
Age: 17 years
Favourite thing – Performing tricks in return for pony nuts and polo mints!

My name is Star and I’m the boss of the pony field. I love to tell the other ponies what to do and always want to have the first mouthful of hay! People say I’m pretty because of my spotty pattern but I like to roll in the mud so I look fully brown! Party Trick: I know how to bow!

Fanta the Llama loves to lean over and eat all the dropped feed off the floor in the animal barn. He is not very well behaved with other animals and is very cheeky.

He loves being patted and tends not to spit, but he will weigh you up before he lets you stroke him.