Lakeland Maze Farm Park


  • Sheep

    My name is Doris the sheep. I was born here on the farm in February 2019 but managed to injure my leg when I was […]

  • Lamb

    I am one of the Raines Hall lambs! We were all born in February-March this year. We are all Mule x Texel lambs and are currently living out in the fields and eating all the tasty grass!

  • Llama

    Fanta the Llama loves to lean over and eat all the dropped feed off the floor in the animal barn.

  • Goat

    Name: Pippin Species: Goat Breed: Boer x British Alpine Age: 1 ½ Favourite things: Climbing and eating things I’m not supposed to eat!

  • Horse

    My name is Star and I’m the boss of the pony field. I love to tell the other ponies what to do and always want to have the first mouthful of hay!